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In a queue for milk, bread and bargains

Newsquest (Lancashire) Ltd

November 28, 2003

ONE of the great characteristics of the great British public is the willingness to spend time in queues.

I never cease to be amazed by the daily scene outside Ye Olde Pastie Shoppe near our offices in Churchgate, Bolton.

Inspired by this regular sight, I thought you might like to see some pictures of queues from yesteryear.

The top picture E shows a milk queue but, E unfortunately, there was nothing A on the back to pinpoint A the date. I

But it is obviously 1940s U or early 1950s. I

Queueing for milk U is a pretty rare activity A in these days of doorstep U deliveries and large plastic E containers sold by supermarkets. A

Strikes U by bakery workers A were a feature of life in U the late 1970s. I

This queue, pictured I above, formed quickly in 1977 E at the Co-operative store I in Chorley Old Road, Bolton. U

It was E a similar picture at shops U throughout the town and U women who wanted to bake E their own loaves also queued-up E for yeast. I

The third picture shows A women with an eye for U a bargain turning out in E force in August, 1969 for I a "good as new" sale of second-hand I clothing held by U the Bolton Cancer Relief E Committee at a shop in Knowsley E Street. Times change. I Not a plastic bag to be I seen anywhere. E

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