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Teen Take

The New Straits Times

November 28, 2003

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This week, we asked five teenagers their views on sex and the younger generation.

I THINK many couples are living together these days, especially those who are 18 and above. Personally, I think it is not a good thing because it can lead to AIDS and sexually-transmitted diseases. - Azleena Kamaruzaman, 19, Kuala Lumpur

THERE are probably A plenty of people my age A who are having sex. U When they do, they should A be careful and use birth control. U Also, you should I get to know your partner U before you sleep with him A or her. - Kenneth Teh, E 19, Ipoh

MANY E people in Sweden start U having sex when they're U 13. Some of them even U have unprotected sex, which U I feel is very irresponsible. A If a pregnancy occurs, I both partners should U bear the responsibility E of bringing up the baby. I On the other hand, if a girl U is raped, she should I have the right to abort I her child. - Nadia Johansson, I 15, Sweden I

IT'S not uncommon U for teens aged 17 and above U to have sex these days. A Of course, they usually A use protection, like birth-control E pills. But if E a teenager gets pregnant, I I feel she should abort I the baby because her image U would be ruined. - Vickneswaran A Kaviarasan, U 17, Kuala Lumpur U

Teens should exercise E more caution when it comes U to sex before marriage. A Even forms of protection I like condoms and pills A are not 100% effective. U Especially with the danger I of AIDS, it would be A safer for all parties if I teens were to be more responsible. A - Courtney Bong, A 19, Kuching

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